AN OPEN FORUM – THE EAST JAVA MUD FLOW: 1 June 2007- Venue: Flinders University Function Centre

Flinders Asia Centre & Flinders Institute Asia Pacific

1 June 2007

Venue: Flinders University Function Centre
9 am to 6 pm
Morning and Afternoon Tea provided.
For catering purposes, RSVP by 28 May

· One year ago a drilling operation in East Java (18% owned by Santos) tapped into a pocket of hot mud more than three kilometres below the earth’s surface. Hot mud flowed from the drill site at 5,000 m3 a day, and increased to more than 175,000 m3 by October 2006. One year on, the mud has buried several villages, housing estates, farm lands, and nearly 100 factories, schools, mosques, shops, and offices. More than 50,000 people have lost their homes and many more have lost their livelihoods.

· The Forum will examine the causes, consequences and implications of the mud flow disaster and the response to that disaster. The forum and an expert workshop to follow will consider what can be learned and what steps we can take to avoid disasters or improve the long term capacity to assist victims. Speakers from Indonesia will include experts on the mudflow and its consequences, NGO leaders and journalists as well as Adelaide based experts on environmental issues and Flinders Asia Centre researchers on Indonesian environmental and political issues.

Understanding the Sidoarjo Mudflow: an Unnatural Disaster?


1st June 2007





Objectives of the Forum and Workshop

“What do we know? What do we want to know?” Dr Jim Schiller, Flinders Uni


Chair: Dr Liz Morrell

Session One: The Science and Engineering of Hot Mud. How did it Emerge? What Can be Done and What Will Need to be Done to Deal with the Mud?

The science of the mud flow: Dr Mark Tingay, U. of Adelaide

What happened? A chronology of the disaster: Bambang Istadi, (Lapindo-Brantas)

Dealing with the mud : John Dachtar (National Disaster Mitigation Team)


Morning Tea


Chair: Ms Firdaus

Session Two: The Impact of the Disaster: One Year On

What has the impact been?: Dr Kresnayana Yahya Msc, (ITS – Surabaya)

The social impact: Ir Agus Muldya (Director of Indo-Solutions NGO)

The human story: Mr. Rohman Budijanto (Journalist from Jawa Pos newspaper)

13.00 – 14.00

Lunch break


Chair: Dr Priyambudi Sulistiyanto

Session Three: Responses to the Disaster

Corporate response & human needs: Yuni Teryana (Vice-Pres. Lapindo Brantas)

Disaster victims and their human rights: Mr Sentot Setyosiswanto (Elsam NGO)

Media response & its impact: Ibrahim Zakir, (Editor, The Point Newspaper)

15.30 – 16.00

Afternoon Tea


Chair: Associate Professor Anton Lucas

Session Four: Round Table Discussion ‘What More Needs to be Done?


Film: ‘The Porong Mudflow: a Disaster in a Disaster’ (Fausta Wiryadi- NGO)


Conference Dinner for Speakers

Day 2: Expert Workshop:

International Expert Workshop – 2 JUNE

Designing Ecological Governance and Disaster Response for the Long Term Management of the Region

VENUE: Function Centre, Flinders University

2nd June 2007



Chair: A/Prof Anton Lucas

Session One: The Task – Design a Research Program for Ecological Governance and Disaster Response in East Java

Part 1 The Issues (Dr Jim Schiller)


Fausta Wiryadi-(Tresno Cahaya Sejati NGO), Yuni Teryana (Vice President Lapindo Brantas Inc), Mr Sentot Setyosiswanto (Elsam), Mr Bambang P. Istadi (Senior Technical Officer Lapindo Brantas), Ir Agus Muldya (Director of Indo-Solutions NGO), Dr Kresnayana Yahya (Institut Teknologi Surabaya), Yuni Teryana (Vice President Lapindo Brantas Inc), Mr. Rohman Budiyanto (Jawa Pos), Ibrahim Zakir, MA (The Point News Paper), Muradi MA (Univ. Padjajaran Bandung), Taufan EN Rotorasiko, Budiman P Sophian, Dr. Jim Schiller and Assoc Prof. Anton Lucas, Flinders Asia Centre Flinders University, Associate Professor Anton Lucas Flinders University, Dr Mark Tingay, University of Adelaide, Prof. Andy Ball, Bioremediation Flinders University, Prof. Graham Meir, School of Biological Science, Flinders University, Flinders University, Dr Peter Burns. Flinders International Asia Pacific and others to be announced


Morning Tea


Chair: Dr Peter Burns

Session Two: The Task – Design a Research Program for Ecological Governance and Disaster Response in East Java

Part 2 Research Strategy and Desired Outcomes

12.30 – 13.00

Closing Comments




3 Responses to AN OPEN FORUM – THE EAST JAVA MUD FLOW: 1 June 2007- Venue: Flinders University Function Centre

  1. Jim Schiller berkata:

    Flinders University is in Bedford Park (Adelaide) , South Australia
    Flinders Function Centre is on the University’s Humanities Road
    just opposite the multi-leve parking garage

  2. PvdBerg berkata:

    Area map: see website referred, or click on “maps” above this site.

    Plse can anyone tell me, where is “Flinders University Function Centre”, I would like to be there,

  3. marik berkata:

    Can you provide please the affected area map of 22 March 2007? Thank you

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