Main dam of Sidoarjo mud overtopping Saturday
JAKARTA (Antara): Ring-like inner dam for mud in East Java’s regency of Sudoarjo posed overtopping Saturday morning threatening outer-ring dam, which function to prevent the mud from flowing to wider areas.

Hadi Paryitno, an officer on duty at the mudflow site, said that the mud started overflowing from the main dam at 7.30 a.m. Saturday, which was caused by the increasing volume of mudflow since the recent days.

Hadi said that there was no casualty because operators of heavy equipment could secure themselves after the mud overflowing from the top part of the main dam.

He said workers were now trying to heighten the outer dam because the mud level was just 10 to 20 centimeters below the top part of the dam.

The mud has been flowing from gas field owned by PT Lapindo Brantas since May last year, inundating over dozens of villages, factories, and hectares of agricultural fields in Porong district, Sidoarjo.
Experts had tried a number methods to stop the mudflow, but it has so far not been successful. (**)

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