Mud victims disappointed they doesn’t meet with president

Jakarta Post JAKARTA (JP): Dozens of mudflow victims expressed their disappointments that they failed to meet with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who visited Sidoarjo regency, East Java, where thousands of people lost their properties.They carried out demonstrations in New Market of Porong district, where thousands of mudflow victims were sheltered since their houses had been inundated by the mud starting May, last year.

“We are disappointed that the president does not meet us. We are waiting for the opportunity because we want to hear his plan to solve our problems,” one of the protesters told Elshinta news radio Tuesday.

“What for he comes here if we can only see his helicopter,” the resident added.

Meanwhile, Yudhoyono Tuesday received an explanation from chairman of Bakrie Group Nirwan Bakrie about the process of disbursement of compensation for victims of mudflow in Porongdistrict, in Sidarjo regency, Eats Java.

The explanation was carried out behind close-door meeting, Elshinta news radio reported.

Thousands of victims of the mudflow, whose houses have been inundated by the mud since May last year were now waiting for compensations, which have been promised by executives of Lapindo Brantas, whose shares mostly was controlled by Bakrie Group. (**)


One Response to Mud victims disappointed they doesn’t meet with president

  1. arcelona berkata:

    im sad to hear this..hopefully our government will pay close attention to this matter,.,

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