SBY receives explanation about mudflow compensation

JakartaPost JAKARTA (JP): President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono received an explanation from chairman of Bakrie Group Nirwan Bakrie about the process of disbursement of compensation for victims of mudflow in Porong district, in Sidarjo regency, Eats Java.The explanation was carried out behind close-door meeting, Elshinta news radio reported.

Thousands of victims of the mudflow, whose houses have been inundated by the mud since May last year were now waiting for compensations, which have been promised by executives of Lapindo Brantas, whose shares mostly was controlled by Bakrie Group.

Although the company had promised to pay 20 percent of the total value of their properties, many residents said they had not received the funds from the company, partly owned Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfares Aburizal Bakrie.

Yudhoyono carried out three-day visit in Sidarjo, but there was no schedule to meet with mudflow victims during his visit.

Meanwhile, 20 representatives of the victims were attending a House of Representatives plenary meeting Tuesday.

Azari, one of the representatives, told the government to force PT Lapindo Brantas to immediately disburse 20 percent of payments for their properties as compensation. (**)

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