Lapindo mudflow victims demand for compensation

02/12/09 03:11

Surabaya, East Java (ANTARA News) – Thousands of people displaced by in the Lapindo mudflow case rallied outside the Sidoarjo Mudflow Compensation Executive Board (BPLS) office here Wednesday to demand for the payment of outstanding compensations.

A spokesman said the protesters most of whom had come there on bicycles after orations at the BPLS office for 30 minutes sent five representatives to meet BPLS chairman, Sunarso, at his office.

“I am ready to help the Lapindo mudflow victims. However, we hope the demonstrators refrained from any anarchic actions,” Sunarso said.

According to the coordinator of the rally, Mujiono, the protesters were demanding for the fulfillment of PT Minarak Lapindo Jaya`s commitment to pay a compensation for the people who have become victim of the impact of the mudflow.

The commitment, he said, was signed on December 3, 2008, under which PT Lapindo Minarak Jaya promised to pay a compensation of Rp 30 million a month for each family.

“Up till now, many victims had not received the compensation supposed to have been received starting in December 2008. We will go home only if the money has been given” Mujiono said.

He added that some of the victims had also not received the Rp 2,5 million in house rent.(*)



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