Volcano Lusi – Muddy Justice

Juni 19, 2009
Volcano Lusi – Muddy Justice


Three years ago mud volcano Lusi erupted in Indonesia, swallowing up 12 villages and displacing at least 40,000 people. International scientists and Indonesian activists allege that it was a manmade disaster, and that a gas-drilling operation by Lapindo Brantas owned by the country’s minister for Social Welfare was the cause of the eruption.  But lawyers are facing an uphill battle to gain compensation for the victim and as the courts continue to rule against their case, rumours of corruption abound.


During the making of this film Al Jazeera managed to obtain two confidential reports commissioned by Medco Energi – Lapindo Brantas’ partner in the drilling operation at the time of Volcano Lusi’s eruption. 
Both reports are written by reputable international experts and throw light on what went wrong, and – as our film reveals – come up with detailed and damning conclusions about Lapindo’s handling of the drill site which have never before been made public.