BPJ-1 Well data sheet

Well Data :

Well Name (nama sumur) = Banjar Panji 1
Basin (Cekungan) = East Java Basin (Cekungan JawaTimur)
Political Province (Propinsi) = Jawa Timur
Situation (Lokasi) = Onshore (Darat)
Spud Date (Tajak) = March 08,2006
Well Class (Jenis sumur) = Exploration New-field wildcat (eksplorasi)
Operator = Lapindo Brantas Inc
Contract area = Brantas PSC
Original Latitude = -7.527083 deg
Original Longitude = 112.712500 deg
TD = 9272 ft
Depth Ref Elevation = 37.00 ft
Ground Elevation = 11.00 ft
Objective Depth = 8500 ft
Objective Lithology = carbonate
Objective Lithologic Unit = Kujung Formation
Objective Age Miocene
Note :

On 30 May 2006, PT Energi Mega Persada (EMP) announced that it was engaged in well control operations on its subsidiary, Lapindo Brantas’ wildcat Banjar Panji 1. EMP reported that it was undertaking standard well control operations after steam, water and minor amounts of gas bubbling were observed at the surface at 5am on 29 May 2006. Banjar Panji 1 is the second well in a new drilling campaign in its on/offshore East Java Brantas PSC, and had been drilled to 2,833m in 12-1/4″ hole at the time of incident. The well had previously been logged prior to the running of 13-3/8″ casing. Spudded on 8 March 2006 using the “TMMJ” rig, Banjar Panji 1 is targeting Miocene Kujung Formation reefal carbonates at a location on the eastern margin of the Wunut gas field which produces from Pleistocene volcaniclastic sandstones. Banjar Panji 1 has a PTD of about 3,050m and the prospect has 1-50 MMboe upside resource potential according to partner Santos. Drilling costs to end April 2006 have been quoted at US$ 3,548,926.

Well diagram (when it was killed after mudflow)


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